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Saratoga is a city in Santa Clara County, California. It is located directly west of San Jose, in the San Francisco Bay area. The population is presently about 30,000.

Saratoga is a suburb with a small-town, almost rural atmosphere, wineries, and high-end boutiques and shops. The community is well-educated and wealthy. Saratoga was ranked by Forbes in 2009 as one of America's top twenty most-educated small towns.

Bloomberg Businessweek also named Saratoga's zip code 95070 the 18th richest zip code in America in 2011. Major attractions of Saratoga include Villa Montalvo, Hakone Gardens, and the Mountain Winery.

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Saratoga Senior Apartments
Saratoga Senior Apartments

History of Saratoga, CA

The first European settlement of what is now Saratoga occurred in 1848, when William Campbell (father of Benjamin Campbell, the founder of nearby Campbell, California), constructed a sawmill. It was first known as Campbell's Gap.

Industry soon sprang up and at its height the town had a furniture factory, grist mill, tannery, and a paper factory. To commemorate this newfound productivity the town was renamed in 1863 as Bank Mills. In 1865 the town received its final name, Saratoga, after the city in New York.

Saratoga became agricultural, as did much of the rest of the valley. Today a few vineyards and orchards from this period remain. After World War II the town quickly became urbanized, and it incorporated in 1956 mainly to avoid being annexed to San Jose. A slogan during the campaign to incorporate the city of Saratoga was "Keep it rural." Today the city serves as a bedroom community for upper-middle class Silicon Valley tech workers.

The Villa Montalvo

Villa Montalvo, a Mediterranean mansion surrounded with gardens was built by James Duval Phelan, son of an Irish immigrant who came to San Francisco during the gold rush and made a fortune. James Duval Phelan was mayor of San Francisco and a United States Senator.

In 1911, James Phelan purchased 160 acres in the Saratoga foothills and began construction of Villa Montalvo.

John McLaren, Golden Gate Park's landscape designer, laid out the grounds with hidden nooks and wisteria-covered pergolas.

Late in 1914 the doors to Villa Montalvo opened to its first distinguished guests. During that same year, James Phelan was elected United States Senator, where he served until 1921 when he, a Democrat, was defeated amid the Republican landslide that put Warren Harding in office.

Upon his death in 1930 the former senator donated Villa Montalvo to the San Francisco Art Association, along with income to maintain the property as a public park.

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