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Notary Public Facts & History

First San Jose Notary Public female

  • The Clara Shortridge Foltz Criminal Justice Center in Los Angeles is named after the first woman notary public and first woman attorney in California, Clara Shortridge Foltz who settled in San Jose, CA from the Midwest. Later she lived in other California cities like Los Angeles.
  • You can read about Clara Shortridge Foltz, about the certification of Notary Signing Agents, and other notary public related history in this section.
  • And if you are hospitalized or living in a care facility, Annie Tyler, Notary Public, can make arrangements that are comfortable for you to notarize your documents where you are, without having to travel.
  • Annie Tyler, Notary Public makes mobile notary visits in San Jose (including Santa Teresa, Silver Creek, Evergreen Valley, and Basking Ridge), Los Gatos, and Saratoga.


Print of the Santa Clara Valley, John Ross Key, artist. Copyright 1874. Boston Public Library, Print Dept.

Annie Tyler, Notary Public

Mobile Notary Service throughout San Jose CA including the areas of Almaden Lake Park,Santa Teresa, Silver Creek, Evergreen Valley, Basking Ridge, Almaden Valley, and Blossom Valley.

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