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As part of her certification as a notary, and as a notary signing agent, approved to handle mortgage signings, Annie Tyler has undergone a complete background screening. Annie Tyler is an experienced professional who takes her work seriously and pays meticulous attention to detail. She has worked with the legal and financial communities of San Jose, CA and its surrounding towns for more than a decade.

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The following written information on this page is from the Probate Division of the California Superior Courts. The Probate Department of the Santa Clara County Superior Court is in the Downtown Superior Court, 191 North First Street, San Jose, CA 95113.
  1. What is a Living Trust?
  2. A Living Trust is a legal tool for financial planning that allows a person (Trustee) to hold another person’s property (Settlor) for the benefit of someone else (Beneficiary). Unlike a testamentary trust, a Living Trust goes into effect during the settlor's lifetime. In most cases, the settlor, trustee, and beneficiary are the same person (at least until that person dies or becomes incompetent). In other words, if you set up a Living Trust, you can be the settlor, the trustee and the beneficiary of the trust. You keep full control over the property and have the right to use and spend that property as if it had never been put into the trust.
  3. What are the advantages of a Living Trust?
  4. The most common reasons people set up a Living Trust are:
  5. Or if you become incompetent, a conservatorship is not needed to manage your property. In either case, the person named in your trust as the successor trustee takes over.
  6. If you die, the successor trustee can distribute the trust property according to your wishes without having to go to probate court to authorize the distribution.
  7. If you become incompetent, the successor trustee can manage the property for your benefit without having to go to court for a conservatorship and without ongoing court supervision.
  8. But a Living Trust does not shelter the settlor from creditors. A creditor of the settlor has the same right to go after the trust property as if the settlor still owned the assets in his or her own name.
  9. The only exception is a new law that says the successor trustee must give all your heirs at law (the relatives who would have the right to inherit from you if you had died without a Will) the right to ask for and get a copy of the trust.

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We called Annie for a notary need that involved an elderly family member. Annie was patient, kind, thorough and professional. Annie made our family member feel comfortable where she could have felt stressed and anxious. Annie went above and beyond to deliver this service for us and we are so appreciative. We would completely trust her with other notary needs in the future because of her professionalism and thoroughness. We would come to her again also because of the kindness and patience she extended to our family member. We engaged Annie's service because of the great yelp reviews she has. So thanks to everyone who took the time to give her your reviews because that helped us. Annie, THANKS. Neil J., San Diego, CA 9/27/2014

  1. How do I set up a Living Trust?
  1. Meet with a lawyer who specializes in estate planning. There are many such specialists throughout San Jose, CA and surrounding towns of Los Gatos and Saratoga, CA. Together, you will review your assets and estate planning goals and options.
  1. If you decide to set up a Living Trust, the lawyer will write the trust document and review it with you.
  2. After signing, you fund the trust by transferring title to all (or most) of your property to the trust. Your lawyer can help you with this.
  3. Is my Living Trust “revocable” – can I cancel or change it?
  4. In most cases, yes. You can cancel or change the trust at any time. You act as trustee and manage the property for as long as you are able. And, if you want, you can have all trust property returned to you.
  5. The trust usually only becomes irrevocable when you die or if you become incompetent.
  6. But, sometimes settlors make their Living Trusts irrevocable from the very beginning. (Irrevocable means the trust can’t be changed or cancelled.) This is often done for tax planning or to protect assets from creditors.

  1. Can a Living Trust help save or reduce estate taxes?
  2. Yes. There are several kinds of Living Trusts that let you avoid, reduce or postpone federal estate taxes. Contact a lawyer to talk about your choices.

  1. How much of my property is exempt from the estate tax?
  2. The federal estate tax is based on the gross value of the property you own or control at the time of your death, over a certain amount.
  3. Taxable property includes property in a trust, property in your name, funds from IRAs, retirement benefits, or life insurance and property held in joint tenancy.

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